Elevation Profile

Course Details

50 Miles
40 Miles of Single Track Hiking/Motorcycle Trails with 10 miles of forest roads. The 16 mile loop that is completed twice features 11 miles of single track that is used mostly by hikers. These trails are in great shape, are very runnable and are rarely used by motorcycles.
The out and back section to Granite has a few muddy sections with some ruts from the motorcycles but this whole trail is very runnable throughout. The course is completed as follows: 16 mile loop, out and back to Granite Pk, 16 mile loop. Again, the course is very spectator friendly with participants coming through the start/finish area 3 times. 

Elevation Gain:
7877 ft.
Elevation Loss:
7644 ft.
Total Change:
Max Elevation:
5,200 ft.
Min Elevation:
3,200 ft.
Aid Stations:
12 Aid Stations

5.5,11.7,14, 16.5, 19.5, 24.1, 28.5, 31, 34.8, 38.8, 43.4, 47

These will be stocked with your usual Aid Station goodies.