• Emory Corwine

50 Mile Memorial Ruck Race

The ruck race is a relay race where 1-5 participants each complete one of 5 legs carrying a minimum 35lb ruck for males and 25lb ruck for females. This race is held in memory of a dear friend, Emory Corwine. Emory was a survival instructor for the Air Force but passed away in an motorcycle accident on his way to perform flag duty one early morning in June 2012. Emory was an amazing person. He was the guy you wanted your daughter to date and the leader we all wanted to be. He loved pushing himself and was always making others around him better. This race represents pain and he would've loved it. All proceeds from this event will go to the SERE Association. The SERE Association brings together Past, Present & future SERE community members & provides scholarships & emergency funds to military personnel in need.The other special impact for our event is the 2nd Harvest Food Drive. All members are encouraged to use non-perishable goods to weigh down their packs. The last three events have donated 2,614 pounds of non-perishables to the 2nd Harvest Food Bank in Spokane, WA. This donation has an immediate impact to hundreds of families in the local area. 

Ruck Race Details

General Info

  • This race is different than just hiking through the woods. I would make sure you are practicing with the boots, socks, pack and the weight you'll be carrying on race day. I would also encourage you to practice on gravel roads or trails and at the pace you plan to keep. Your feet and legs will be destroyed if you think you can wing this race.
  • Teams: the typical entry for the ruck race is a 5 person team. Folks have expressed interest in completing the race solo or in smaller teams so here are the discount codes to use on ULTRA SIGNUP for 1-4 person ruck teams;
    Solo Ruck: SOLORUCK (60%)
    Two Person Ruck: TWORUCK (40%)
    Three Person Ruck: THREERUCK (30%
    Four Person Ruck: FOURRUCK (15%)
    The only thing we will require on race day (unless you're doing it solo) is to name who will be completing which leg for accountability.

  • Outfits: Members are encouraged to look like a team and stand apart from other teams. There will be an award for Top Team Outfits.
  • Weather:Members can wear shorts or pants. Typical weather for our race has been very crazy. The first year it we had thunderstorms and the second year it was 105 degrees!! Bottom line, please be prepared in advance for inclement weather.
  • Alternates: Teams can have two alternates on race day. These members must be declared before the start of the race. Each team captain will ensure their alternates sign a race waiver.
  • If there is no alternate, a member can complete multiple legs. No time penalty, just the suck of completing two legs.
  • If a member falls out during their leg the alternate can take their place but will be penalized 30 minutes. "Fall Out" is defined by the member physically unable to complete their assigned leg.  It is not defined by improper training or trying to split up the relay legs in order to gain a competitive advantage. If the race staff feels you are trying to cheat you will be disqualified.
  • If a team member falls out you MUST let a race official know. Failure to do so will be grounds for disqualification.
  • If your team wants to split up the Granite Leg, you can but at price of a 2hr time penalty. This should be declared before the start of the race so please let the race staff know your intentions.
  • Time Limit: All Teams must complete the course in under 20 Hours. That calculates to a 24 min per mile pace. Cut-off times will be enforced at the following locations
  • Ruck Race: 20 hrs / 24:00 min per mile
  • 6:12 am Start / 2:12 am Finish
    Frater Lake 16.5 : 7hrs / 1:12pm.
    Frater Lake 34.8: 14hrs / 8:12pm
    550 Rd Aid 43.4: 17hrs 22 min / 11:24pm

  • If you fail to keep the pace you will be pulled from the race. Time limits are put in place not only for your safety, but the race staff, volunteers, and all involved with the event. If you get pulled from the race you will be directed back to the start/finish or to the area that best fits extraction to the start/finish. If your team is pulled from the race there will be no refunds.
  • Night Time: All Ruck teams must be prepared for the situation that their team is navigating the course at night. Very bright headlamps, extra batteries and appropriate cold/wet weather gear is a must for any team planning on pushing the time limit.


  • Your ruck or pack must have an Internal or External Frame. NO WEIGHT VESTS
  • 35 pounds for males and 25 pounds for females (Females can carry 35 if they want). Weight includes pack weight. All rucks will be weighed prior to the start and upon the baton exchange. Pack weight, when weighed, will be without water.
  • Participants are encouraged to use non-perishable goods for weight (Canned Goods, Rice etc). Food Items will be collected at the finish line and will be donated to the 2nd Harvest Food Bank.  Please keep labels on food items and in original state.  Duct taping goods together is allowed. (Place cans in bag and then tape to keep from ripping off labels) Large bags of rice and flour have been popular items in the past.
  • Participants CANNOT use rocks or logs for these are items that can be picked up along the course.
  • Participants are encouraged to wear military or hiking boots.Trail running shoes can be worn but at your own risk.


  • As with any relay, your team needs a baton. The baton can be carried or packed, but MUST be passed upon completion of your leg. Batons MUST be a minimum of 1 foot in length andwill not be provided. There will be an award for Top Team Baton, so creativity is encouraged. I've seen samurai swords, carbon fiber arrows, axes, light sabers & foam swords to name a few.

Relay Legs

  • The relay legs all memorialize the life of a fallen SERE Specialist. Your race strategy will be very important come Race Day. Proper placement of your team members will be key to your teams success thus I have ranked the legs below 1 to 5; 1 represents the most difficult leg and 5 being the easiest.  NOTE: Distances were obtained with a GPS on a heavily wooded course. Distances may vary. 

1st Leg: Colton A. Lauterbach Memorial Leg

SrA Colten A. Lauterbach, SERE Specialist, 23, of Rockport, TX., passed in a motorcycle accident while serving active duty in Spokane, Washington on August 16, 2015.

11.7 miles - RANK 2

  • This leg travels up and down the ridge line behind Frater Lake.  Access to one aid station along the way at 5.5 miles. 2100 ft of elevation gain/ 1400 ft descent 

2nd Leg: Arthur R. Zozaya  Memorial Leg

SrA Arthur R. Zozaya, SERE Specialist, 25, passed on April 2, 1986 when an Air Force HC-130 Hercules was practicing navigation runs below 1,000 feet in snowy and windy weather in New Mexico when it crashed killing all 11 members on board.

10 Miles - Rank 5

  • This leg is mostly down hill and fast. It travels down the 550 rd and makes a right on Rocky Creek Rd. You have aid stations about every 4 miles during your leg and you get to pass through Frater Lake but the work starts once you pass Frater Lake. A short 3 mile trip up the hill to reach the ruck exchange. There is 895 ft of gain / 1178 ft descent

3rd Leg: Christopher W. Sheaffer Memorial Leg

MSgt Christopher W. Sheaffer, SERE Specialist, 35, passed during a military freefall accident at the Yuma Proving Grounds in Yuma, AZ on September 12, 2000.

15 Miles - Rank 1

  • The crux. This leg travels from Frater Lake to the top of Granite Peak and back. You will have access to an aid station at 24.1 and 28.5 & 32. There is 2200 ft of gain and 2800 ft of descent. This is a very difficult route and shouldn't be taken lightly. Enjoy the suck :)

4th Leg: Roger A. Ross Memorial Leg

Sergeant Roger A. Ross, SERE Specialist, 23, passed due to a fall when the cable snapped 70 ft above the ground while being hoisted by an HH-60 during an operation in South Korea on March 13 1991.

9 Miles - Rank 3

  • This leg travels up and down the ridge line behind Frater Lake and is little bit shorter than the first leg of the race. Get with your team member to learn all about it.  The member will have access to one aid station along the way at 5.5 miles. 2000 ft of elevation gain/ 1200 ft descent

5th Leg: Kurt H. Ellington Memorial Leg

SSgt Kurt H. Ellington, SERE Specialist, 30, passed during a helicopter accident on a parachute training mission at Edwards AFB, CA on October 10, 1991.

7 miles - â€‹Rank 4

  • This leg repeats the 2nd leg of the race and is mostly down hill and fast as it briefly travels down the 550 rd and makes a right on Rocky Creek Rd. This route is ranked 3rd because I feel that anchor legs are always very important to a relay race. 300 ft of gain/ 1200 ft descent